About Us

Dr. Marc Legere is an author, medical consultant and Chiropractic physician, who is recognized as a worldwide leader in the field of muscular injury, repair, and injury prevention.  Having worked alongside pioneering physicians in a wide variety of medical fields, he has developed a highly-respected and successful therapy program which allows patients to heal and recover far more quickly and with longer-lasting results, than with many of today’s standard therapies. His extensive background and experience in the field of sports medicine has allowed him to think “outside the box” in regard to discovering the true source of physical injuries, which may have gone undiagnosed.

Dr. Legere’s primary form of therapy is a hands on treatment that he created known as PATCH Technique.  PATCH Technique is considered revolutionary in the field of sports and physical medicine due to its ability to treat injuries quickly.  Because of the development and tremendous success of PATCH Technique, Dr. Legere has been called upon to serve as an injury consultant to athletes around the world.  His rapid recovery techniques have allowed him the privilege of treating over one thousand athletes in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, European Premier League soccer, Olympics, and Division I-III college programs.