PATCH Chiropractic

PATCH is unlike most Chiropractic practices.  While most Chiropractors rely on adjustments as their only form of care, our physicians utilize a wide range of non-surgical, hands on techniques to help our patients speed up recovery from their injuries, surgeries or discomfort.

Not only do PATCH Chiropractors help patients who have injuries, but we also look to help those wanting to prevent them as well.  By utilizing cutting edge treatments like PATCH Technique and ELDOA, our physicians find the true cause of a patient’s dysfunction and look to fix it before it negatively impacts their lives.  PATCH physicians partner with physical therapists as well as other medical professionals to correct improper movements, muscle weaknesses or bad habits which in many cases lead to aches, pains and injuries that could take you away from the things you love in life or even require surgery.

At PATCH, our only goal is to make our patients happy. If happiness means playing the sport you love or waking up in the morning without pain, our physicians will use every tool at our disposal to make a difference in your life.

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